Gambling Addiction

Problem Gambling Treatment Often Complicated By Personality Disorders

personality disorders, problem gamblingApproximately 2.3 people out of every 100 will have an issue with problem gambling, and a new study suggests that those who receive treatment for this issue should also be screened and evaluated for personality disorders as well. Australian researchers at Monash University have determined that problem gambling treatment is frequently complicated and that this is due to a personality disorder that also requires treatment. Both problem gambling and personality disorders create numerous difficulties with friends, family, and other relationships. Meredith Brown, the lead researcher of the study, explained “The fact that problem gambling and high levels of psychopathology often go together indicates a need to undertake routine and systematic screening and assessment of problem gamblers who sign up for treatment. Because the clinical picture of people with gambling problems who also suffer from personality disorders is more complicated, their successful treatment is also more difficult.”

The latest study on problem gambling and personality disorders shows that the same social factors and biological factors are present in both conditions,. The factors include possible child abuse, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and problems controlling negative emotions. Individuals who have an issue with problem gambling also share certain characteristics to those who have been diagnosed with several personality disorders including narcissistic PD, antisocial PD, histrionic PD, and borderline PD. The newest findings may help change the way that treatment is provided for those who have gambling issues, and may improve the treatment outcomes seen. When an individual has both issues then this will complicate the treatment, and if the personality disorder is not diagnosed and treated along with the problem gambling the individual can not recover completely.

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