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Signs Of Cocaine Use To Watch For!

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Cocaine use is still high across the USA and around the world, despite extensive efforts by governments to eradicate this problem. What are the signs of cocaine use though? Everyone should be aware of the symptoms that may be seen if a loved one is using cocaine. This drug can be snorted, swallowed, smoked, or injected, and the form of use may determine which symptoms are seen in the user. If the drug is snorted then a constantly runny nose may be noticed. When used in any form this drug may cause rapid mood swings, difficulty sleeping, a high level of energy, irritability when coming down, financial difficulties, legal problems, and many other signs. If the drug is injected then the user will have puncture marks where they are injecting the drug. Smoking cocaine can cause respiratory difficulties and a frequent cough that is chronic and may be severe.




You may notice that the individual has white powder around their nostrils, and a common sign of cocaine use is a sensitivity to light. Dilated pupils are another giveaway that cocaine abuse is occurring. Frequent nosebleeds are often seen in cases where the drug is snorted for long periods of time, and in severe cases nasal reconstruction surgery may become necessary to fix defects caused by the extended drug use. The high experienced with cocaine is usually short lived, and over time a tolerance is developed that means more of the drug is needed just to get the same initial effects. Knowing what to watch for can help you prevent any cocaine use from getting worse.




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