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Stress Relief Tips To Prevent Relapse And Help You Stay Sober!

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If you are in recovery then relieving stress is very important. Stress is a big factor in relapsing, and most people have high amounts of this in their daily lives. There are some stress relief tricks and techniques that can help you minimize this factor and avoid going back to your old activities and behavior. They include:




  • Take a long soak in a hot bath. The heat of the water will help relax your muscles and tissues. Soaking in the tub will also help clear your mind and quiet your racing thoughts.
  • Go for a brisk walk. Exercise helps to relieve stress by releasing endorphins in the brain. These are natural feel good chemicals which improve your mood and help eliminate the negative effects that stress can have on your mind and body both.
  • Put on some soothing music. The effect of calming music should not be underestimated. This helps to relax your body and improve your mental state.
  • Learn how to meditate. Meditation has been effective for thousands of years and it can help balance emotions and reduce stress.
  • Get a pet. Studies have shown that those who own a cat or dog often suffer less from stress. This is believed to be due to the interaction between the animal and owner. Petting a cat or dog shows positive mental changes in lab experiments, and these activities can lower your level of stress considerably.
  • Use mental imagery. Close your eyes and picture a favorite place or a peaceful and calming scene. This can help you relax and reset, and it can be performed anywhere.


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