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  • Is There a Lack of Addiction Help and Substance Abuse Treatment Options?

    Many people believe that there is a lack of addiction help and a shortage of substance abuse treatment options, while others claim that every major city in North America has a number of rehabs available. Often the problem is not a lack of facilities, it …

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    5 Ways To Reach Out For Addiction Help!

    If you need addiction help the following 5 methods can help you reach out and get this help quickly:       1. Call an addiction hotline. There are many hotlines out there to help individuals with varying addiction issues. The professionals who staff the …

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    5 Ways To Help A Loved One With An Addiction

    1. Arrange An Intervention- Sometimes an intervention may help the addict see just how the substance abuse affects friends and family members. Setting up an intervention may be the step that causes the addict to realize that help is needed, and this step may lead …

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