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    Can Opioid Treatment Cause Depression?

    Opioid treatment is a common medical treatment for cancer, severe pain, and certain other conditions. The use of opioid drugs could lead to other problems and conditions though, even depression according to a recent research study that examined a link between treatment with these narcotic …

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  • Mental Health

    What is the Difference Between Bipolar Disorder and Depression?

    Bipolar Disorder and depression are both mental disorders, and there are some similarities between the two forms of mental illness but there are also some very important differences as well. The first thing that a mental health professional will do is to ask about the …

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  • Depression and Addiction Brain Pathways Involve Unique Nerve Cell Interactions

    Depression, addiction, and other mental illnesses and mental health issues all involve the same brain pathways, and recent research has shown that these pathways involve unique cell interactions. In the past most researchers believed that the nerve cells involved in depression and addiction released a …

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  • Blog Post Week 46 3

    How Does Depression Contribute To Substance Abuse?

    Individuals who suffer from depression tend to have substance abuse issues and rates of alcohol or drug abuse that is higher than the general population. How does depression contribute to substance abuse though? When the individual becomes depressed they may try to use alcohol or …

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  • Blog Post Week 40 7

    Depression Is Often A Contributing Factor To Substance Abuse!

     Depression and substance abuse are often found together. When this happens it can be very difficult for the treatment team to determine which came first, like the chicken and the egg joke. Depression can cause individuals to drink or use drugs in an attempt …

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