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    Everything You Need to Know About Fentanyl

    Recently, there have been reports of fentanyl overdoses, and especially from fentanyl-laced drugs in situations where people likely did not even know they were coming in contact with fentanyl. So, what has made this dangerous drug the talk of the town? Why does it seem …

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  • Are Designer Drugs Dangerous?

    New designer drugs seem to be introduced monthly, and these are psychoactive compounds that may not technically be illegal according to Canadian or American drug laws but these substances can be deadly. Unlike prescription medications which are manufactured according to strict quality control standards designer …

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    Are Designer Drugs Addictive? Is Drug Rehab Needed With These Substances?

    Designer drugs may sound like something that the wealthy use, like designer cars and other top quality products with a high price tag, but the truth is that these substances are extremely dangerous. Are designer drugs addictive though? A common misconception is that designer drugs …

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    What are Designer Drugs?

    What are designer drugs and why is there so much concern for these illegal substances? Designer drugs are substances that are made in a lab or on the street, and they are chemically created by people rather than being derived from natural plants and typical …

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    Bath Salt Use Is On The Rise, And The Risk Of Violence Also Increases

    In recent weeks there have been a number of incidents of unexpected violence and savage attacks that have been blamed on the use of bath salts. The name of these designer drugs make them sound like a product designed to make bathing a pleasant experience …

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