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    What is Carfentanil?

    Carfentanil, sometimes called carfentanyl or by the brand name Wildnil, is a drug that is the synthetic version of fentanyl and it is an extremely powerful opioid. This specific fentanyl analog is not approved in the USA for use in humans but it is allowed …

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  • Warning Sign

    Don’t Overlook Warning Signs Your Teen May Be Using Heroin

    Heroin is a very dangerous and highly addictive drug that is causing a public health crisis, and there are some warning signs of substance abuse that parents need to watch for in order to protect their teens from this drug. Many parents of teens did …

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  • Prescription Abuse

    Can the Heroin Epidemic in North America Be Stopped?

    North America, especially Canada and the USA, is experiencing a heroin epidemic that is gaining in strength and destroying families everywhere. The number of drug overdose deaths from this illegal street drug each day is staggering, and while authorities try to stem the tide and …

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  • What is Heroin ?

    What is Heroin, how addictive is it. Help for Heroin Addiction. Medically assisted Detox from Heroin. 1.877.958.8247

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    New Study Shows The Effectiveness Of Sober Living Facilities

    A new study was published in the medical journal Addiction in February that shows just how effective sober living facilities can be. This study looked at opioid abuse, including prescription drugs like Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin, and other pain medications as well as heroin. The study …

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