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  • Prescription Drugs

    Finding Better Medicines With Fewer Side Effects

    When it comes to talking about drugs that have numerous and/or highly dangerous side effects, opioids are likely the first thing that comes to mind. Opioids are commonly used to treat pain because they are highly effective, however, they are also highly addictive and have …

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  • Are Medications Necessary to Treat Substance Abuse?

    When it comes to substance abuse treatments there are many different choices and options out there, and some may be better or more effective than others. Some treatment programs use medications, others provide psychotherapy, and still others use a combination of these two approaches. Some …

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  • Are Medications for Alcohol Abuse Necessary?

    Alcohol abuse is a common problem that affects millions of people, but are medications necessary to stop the substance abuse? Every individual is unique, and some people can stop their alcohol intake on their own. Others may require professional help, and there are some medications …

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