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  • 5 Consequences of Substance Abuse and Addiction

    The consequences of substance abuse and addiction can end up taking over every aspect of your life.  From the big things to the little things, addiction affects the physical as well as filling your inner life with false signals and meanings. 1. Legal There are …

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    Alarming Substance Abuse and Addiction Statistics

    In the United States many see an alarming trend concerning substance abuse and addiction, and recent statistics prove that the current rate of drug and alcohol abuse is much higher than in the past. Some of the alarming statistics for substance abuse and addiction show …

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    Great Reasons To Seek Help For Addiction

    Reason #1: Family Members- Family members care about you, and your substance abuse affects them as well. Often family members worry about the individual who abuses substances dying or being injured by drugs or alcohol. Addictions including alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, and sex can lead …

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    Additional Addiction Definition And Symptoms To Be Recognized In New D.S.M. Revision

    The newest D.S.M. revision is expected to be released soon and this newest version has some medical experts and mental health professionals concerned. The revised version will include a new definition of addiction, and there are new symptoms that are included to help diagnose individuals …

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