Alcohol And Sean O’Neill Jr. Obviously Do Not Mix

Sean O'Neill Jr.. alcohol addiction, substance abuse Sean O’Neill Jr. is an individual who has serious substance abuse issues with alcohol, and this problem has caused him a number of legal problems as well as costing his best friend his life. This is not the first brush with the law that alcohol has caused O’Neill. When he was a teenage boy Sean killed his best friend as a result of a drunken act while playing around, and as a 23 year old man he apparently still has an addiction to alcohol that continues to cause legal problems. The latest arrest was the result of a single vehicle accident caused by driving under the influence, and Sean O’Neill hit a home as a result. Science has shown that substance abuse can be genetic as well as environmental and this seems to be the case with Sean O’Neill.

The entire O’Neill family struggles with alcohol addiction and substance abuse. Sean O’Neill’s sister Roisin O’Neill is currently in prison due to drunk driving that resulted in a homicide. His father was deported back to Northern Ireland after being charged with federal gun crimes. Just because Sean O’Neill has Irish heritage does not make his alcohol abuse acceptable. If killing Scott Sheridan as a teenager due to alcohol intoxication, a boy who was his best friend, did not cause Sean to stay away from alcohol then it is unlikely the latest charges will achieve this goal. Maybe the DUI charge will force this young man to get the substance abuse treatment that he so clearly needs. Alcohol addiction can be devastating, and in this case one family lost a son permanently and Sean O’Neill is spiraling towards self destruction.

Mountain Man Evaded Capture On Drug Charges For Months, Finally Turns Himself In

arrests, Don Nichols Don Nichols, referred to as the mountain man, is in trouble with the law again. Almost 30 years after Nichols and his father were involved in kidnapping Kari Swenson and murdering one of the rescue party sent to save the athlete Don Nichols is behind bars again. Apparently Nichols was due to appear in court in March 2012 to answer charges for drug possession and possession with the intent to deliver illegal drugs, and the arrest warrant was issued by officials from Jefferson County, Montana. After the initial charges the 46 year old outdoor survivalist was also charged by the federal government, this time due to his participation in growing medical marijuana in Helena, Montana. According to the federal charges Don Nichols is accused of the cultivation and distribution of close to $2 million in marijuana for Montana Cannabis.

Whether Don Nichols has substance abuse issues with marijuana or simply sells the drug for a profit is not clear. One factor that will go in his favor is the fact that Nichols did turn himself in to law enforcement in in Butte, Montana in the local Walmart parking lot. According to the local police and federal marshals Don Nichols made a phone call to the U.S. Marshals Service and reported where he would be so that the marshals could arrest him and take him into custody. At the scheduled time Nichols pulled into the designated spot in a 1982 Honda Prelude that was red in color and did not resist when he was taken into custody. Maybe Don Nichols can get substance abuse counseling as part of any sentence.

Jon Jones, UFC Fighter, Loses Fight To Substance Abuse And A Utility Pole

DWI, Jon Jones UFC fighter and MMA star Jon Jones recently lost a bout with substance abuse and a utility pole, and this loss could cost him. The official charge lodged against the fighter was Driving While Impaired or DWI, and the alcohol consumption or other substance abuse caused Jones to slam into a utility pole with his car. The incident was referred to by the police logs as a one car accident at 5 in the morning, and the star was driving his brand new 2012 Bentley, and Jones was not arrested but was given an appearance ticker for the charge and then released into the custody of a family member. Up until this point Jon Jones has stayed completely clean as far as his image is concerned. According to the public profile of the fighter he is a devout Christian, and it is doubtful that this scandal will cost Jones his career.

A DWI charge brings up the possibility of an alcohol addiction or other types of substance abuse. While it is doubtful that this was anything more than a setback for the UFC fighter, as one of the biggest stars of pay per view he can not afford too many scandals or the appearance of a substance abuse problem. The police in the DWI case refused to comment on whether or not there was anyone else in the car or whether it is standard to issue an appearance ticket instead of arresting the driver who is impaired or intoxicate. It is assumed that Jones was drinking alcohol but this fact has not been released by the police yet.

Testing Positive For Marijuana Costs Fighter Nick Diaz Dearly

Nick Diaz, substance abuse Nick Diaz, the fighter with the reputation for kindness and compassion, has spent months negotiating with the Nevada State Athletic Commission after he tested positive for marijuana for a second time. Diaz claims that it is not substance abuse but rather medical use of the drug that he engages in. and he has a medical marijuana card from California where he lives. The Nevada State Athletic Commission held a hearing that lasted for more than 3 hours, and Diaz spoke in his own defense during the hearing. The Commission suspended Nick Diaz for 12 months and the suspension is applied retroactively to the date of the UFC 143 and the fight he had with Carlos Condit. Diaz also must forfeit 30% of the purse awarded for the fight.

According to Nick Diaz his marijuana use is not a form of substance abuse but is medical treatment for his ADHD. The Nevada State Athletic Commission referred to the questionnaire that Diaz filled out before the fight, which indicated no medical conditions were present and and no medications were being used. The attorney for Diaz argued that the fighter did not have the active ingredient of marijuana in his system but only the inactive metabolites of the drug but the Nevada State Athletic Commission did not distinguish between the two types of substances. Diaz also argued that using marijuana helps him train and focus better but these arguments did not sway the commission. Whether his marijuana use classifies as substance abuse or not this drug use cost Nick Diaz significantly at $60,000 and he will not be allowed to fight again until Feb. 4, 2013.

Even Prosecutors Are Not Immune To Drug Activity And Substance Abuse Issues

arrests, Cocaine, lawyer, prosecutor In Atlanta, Georgia police have charged a former prosecutor in Fulton County with drug offenses as well as other charges. Rand Csehy who served as the assistant district attorney for Fullerton County, was caught red handed during a sting by law enforcement. Charges filed include possession with intent to distribute both ecstasy and methamphetamine, as well as possession of cocaine and two separate charges of firearm possession during the commission of a felony. The former prosecutor now works as a high profile defense attorney and his clients include many drug dealers and also cartel members and others who contribute to substance abuse and addiction in North America. After his arrest Csehy was released on a signature bond in the amount of $25,000.

This is not the first time that Rand Csehy has been in the public eye, but it is the first for substance abuse and drug possession. Csehy worked on the Brian Nichols case as a prosecutor, and he was the defense attorney for Greg Junnier. Junnier was an Atlanta police officer who shot a 92 year old woman, Kathryn Johnson, inside of her home without provocation. The fact that Csehy possessed 3 different drugs but was only distributing 2 shows that the attorney has a substance abuse problem and needs substance abuse treatment. Even if he does go to rehab it is doubtful that Csehy will be able to slide on the firearm charges or receive a suspended sentence for the distribution charges. As an attorney it would seem like the former prosecutor would know better than to start substance abuse in the first place.