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  • Former Prisoners Have High Rate of Preventable Deaths from Substance Abuse

    Substance abuse has been identified as one of the reasons that the preventable death rates for former prisoners is unacceptably high. Recent figures and details have caused many to describe the rates as alarmingly high. In the past higher mortality rates among former prisoners was …

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  • LSD Facts and Statistics

    The use of LSD is a form of substance abuse, and there are many facts and statistics about this drug that may be surprising or even unexpected. Some interesting facts and statistics about this drug include: The most common users of LSD are white males …

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  • Is It Substance Abuse or Mental Illness?

    Is someone that you know and care about acting unusual? How can you tell if it is substance abuse or mental illness? Both of these issues can have similar symptoms, and often someone will have both conditions at the same time and require a dual …

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  • Do You Really Need That Drug?

    Prescription drug abuse is on the rise, and marketing has to take some of the blame. Every time you turn on the television pharmaceutical companies are advertising new drugs for every condition under the sun. The list of side effects and possible complications with many …

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  • Man In Prison

    Should Substance Abuse Lead to Jail Time?

    In the USA and around the world many thousands of people are locked up in jail because they developed an addiction. This has led many to question whether substance abuse should be a criminal justice issue or if these problems should be treated as a …

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