Teen Girl With Prescription Drugs

Teen Substance Abuse and Prescription Drug Abuse on the Rise

prescription drug abuse, teen substance abuse

Teen substance abuse and prescription drug abuse among teens are both on the rise, and this is a cause for concern for the parents of teenagers in Canada and the USA. Talk with your teens about drugs, including prescription medications, and help foster a strong sense of confidence in your adolescents. Studies have shown that parents have more of an influence on teen substance abuse and prescription drug abuse among teens than many adults realize. When you keep the lines of communication open your teens are less likely to drink or do drugs, and more likely to stand up to peer pressure from friends as a result. Parents also need to lead by example. If you have teenagers who see you drinking all the time or doing drugs then they will be more likely to engage in the same behaviors.

It is possible to prevent teen substance abuse and prescription drug abuse among teens when early education and presentation efforts are available. Keeping teens from drinking or doing drugs requires a team approach, with parents, educational professionals, law enforcement, and medical professionals all playing a specific role in meeting this goal. If you do not talk to your teens about alcohol and drug use then you are allowing other people to have this important discussion instead, and that can be a big mistake that has devastating consequences. Emphasize the dangers of alcohol and drugs, even OTC drugs that may seem harmless. Allow your teens to use you as an excuse, and make the consequences for any substance abuse very clear from the beginning.

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