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The Dangers Of Huffing At Any Age!

huffing, inhalant abuse

Huffing is a very dangerous activity, and this is a substance abuse problem that seems to be growing. Huffing is the act of inhaling harmful chemicals and substances. Commonly used products that are abused include certain types of glues and adhesives, air freshener, paints, and a wide range of other substances that may seem innocent when used properly but that can be deadly when they are abused and inhaled. Irreversible hearing loss is one of the possible complications that huffing can cause, and there are also many other symptoms and medical complications that can be caused by this form of substance abuse. Recent research data released by the NIDA shows that huffing is most prevalent among kids who are 18 and under.




In the year 2010 almost 7 out of 10 new inhalant users were between 12 years old and 17 years old. This type of substance abuse is increasing and is becoming an alarming trend among adolescents. Spray paints in metallic colors, including gold and silver, tend to be extremely popular with inhalant abusers because these colors usually have more of a chemical solvent called toluene. This substance is responsible for the temporary sense of euphoria and well being. When inhalants are abused brain cells are destroyed and die off. Other cells in the body are also deprived of necessary oxygen and will die off each time an inhalant is abused as well. Memory impairment, permanent damage to the brain and other organs, and many other complications can lead to permanent disability or even death.




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