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The Right Rehab Program Will Address Your Invisible Wounds

individual counseling, one on one sessions

What causes addiction? Drugs and alcohol are often culprits but there are also psychological addictions that have nothing to do with physical substances. At Valiant Recovery we understand that addiction is caused by invisible wounds that can not be seen with the eye, but they are just as damaging as physical wounds that bleed and require medical treatment. In order for any addiction treatment program to work all of the components that contribute to the addiction must be uncovered and treated appropriately. This includes hidden wounds on the inside which have festered over the years. If these are not uncovered then the source of the psychological infection can not be eliminated, and you will typically end up relapsing later on after you leave the treatment program.




Usually the way to open up invisible wounds is through individual counseling, but this treatment method can be costly and is not offered by many programs in order to keep the price of treatment affordable. One on one sessions will help uncover all of the reasons that addiction occurs. This can be spiritual trauma, childhood incidents, and many other issues that are not visible but that can still have a destructive influence on your life and actions. These issues must be uncovered and worked through so that a permanent recovery can finally be reached and you can put your addictions in the past where they belong. If you choose a treatment program that does not address the hidden wounds that you have you can not get the results that you need and are hoping for.