group therapy, addiction, recoveryGroup Therapy Sessions


It is important in the recovery process for the client to make connections with their peers and begin to understand the consequences of their addiction. It is also a powerful tool to find identification and similarities with others, as an important element for gaining insight into self. With addiction, people often say they feel alone and isolated and that no one else can feel this bad. Group therapy is there so they begin to know that they are not alone in this battle.


During all group therapy sessions we encourage you to respect each other, by listening, being honest and supportive, and by responding with your experiences as well. We ask that you hold back any rude or harmful comments, If you have any questions, or misunderstandings with anyone, please ask questions to gain understanding. This will not only help you but others as well. We are in this journey together and want to experience as much from one another as possible, so remember to be open and express your emotions. Group therapy is to be a safe place to unload and recover together, helping one another, through this journey.