What Are The 9 Most Common Drugs Abused?

drugs that cause addiction, most commonly abused drugs1. Tobacco- Tobacco is a drug even though many may not consider it this way. While it is legal this substance kills millions, and it is highly addictive. Tobacco can be smoked, chewed, and used in other forms.

2. Alcohol- This is also a legal substance but that does not make it less deadly. Alcohol abuse can lead to organ damage and even death over time.

3. Marijuana- This plant is used by many people, and it is called the gateway drug. Some states have legalized this substance for medical or recreational use but it is still illegal under federal law in the USA.

4. Vicodin-This pain medication is only available with a prescription, and pharmacists often say it is the most commonly prescribed drug in this class.

5. Oxycontin- Also called hillbilly heroin this is a very powerful and highly addictive drug. This is interchanged with heroin in some cases because the effects are the same, so if one drug is not available the addict will use the other instead.

6. Heroin- Anyone with a heroin habit will do almost anything to get this drug, and it causes a physical addiction as well as a mental one.

7. Cocaine And Crack Cocaine- Cocaine comes in two main forms, powder and rock. Both provide the same drug but use a different delivery method, because cocaine is snorted or injected while crack is smoked.

8.Caffeine- Found in coffee, soda, candy, and many other foods, caffeine has caused an addiction in millions around the world.

9. Methamphetamine- These substances may also be known as speed or crank, and they are available with a prescription for certain medical disorders. There are also manufacturers who do so illegally, with home labs and a variety of chemicals.

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