Self Harm

What are the Self Harm Warning Signs?

self harm warning signsSelf harm warning signs indicate that a person harms or mutilates themselves, but what are these warning signs? Self injury is not always easy to spot and individuals who engage in this behavior may seem calm and well adjusted, without ever showing the real turmoil that they feel inside. Unexplained wounds and scarring are common warning signs that someone is self harming. Blood stains on clothing, bedding, towels, and other household items is also one of the warning signs that someone is engaged in self harm. Finding cutting instruments and sharp items in the possessions of the person is also a red flag that indicates treatment for self harming behavior may be needed. These items can include shards of glass, knives, scalpels, razors, and needles.

Some other warning signs of self harm include accidents that happen on a regular basis and wearing clothing that covers up certain areas of the body. If someone is self harming then they may blame frequent accidents for their injuries and wounds, or pass these signs off as a result of being accident prone. If the individual is always covering up even when the weather does not warrant the long sleeves or pants then this may be a warning sign of self harming behavior. Someone who cuts or harms themselves in other ways will usually need to be alone for long periods, and this solitude will typically occur in the bathroom or bedroom. Irritability and isolation are also warning signs of self harm, but with adolescents this can be difficult to distinguish from the usual teenage emotions and angst.


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