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What Does A Dual Diagnosis Mean For Substance Abuse Treatment?

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If you have substance abuse problems and you have been given a dual diagnosed then what does this mean for your treatment? A dual diagnosis is more common than many people think, and often substance abuse is a way to try and self medicate one of many mental disorders. Depression, Bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and even codependency may all be a reason why alcohol or drug use is started in the first place. If you have received a dual diagnosis then it is very important that any substance abuse treatment facility you choose can handle all of the obstacles in your way to a full and complete recovery. The symptoms of the mental disorder and those of substance abuse may mimic each other, making it difficult to determine which treatment methods to use for each consideration.




With a dual diagnosis it may be hard for the professional to tell whether you started to abuse alcohol or drugs because of a mental disorder or if the substance abuse contributed to the mental disorder. This is an important distinction and should determine how your specific case is handled. Both issues must be addressed and treated at the same time. If either side of the equation is not addressed then a full recovery and effective treatment is not possible in many cases. Some substances can actually cause a mental disorder to occur, while others may only mask the symptoms of the disorder and make it harder to diagnose. These can also interfere with any medications taken for the mental disorder that you have been diagnosed with.




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