Blog Post Week 50 2

What is LSD?


LSD, rehab, addictionLSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide and it is a hallucinogenic substance that is commonly abused. LSD is derived from a fungus that is naturally found on rye in certain situations, and this fungus is called ergot. The substance can be dissolved into water or other liquids very easily, and it has no taste, odor, or color. A very small amount of this drug, as little as a grain, can cause many effects and have devastating consequences. The drug works through serotonin movement inhibition and this impacts the mood, sensory perceptions, and thoughts of the user. Taking LSD is often called taking a trip or tripping, and the experience can turn sour very quickly. A bad trip can result in emotional and physical trauma, permanent injury, or even death due to the behavior and actions of the user.


LSD can be found in several forms. Often the liquid drug is dripped onto blotter paper with colorful designs or cartoon characters, and these are cut into squares which are ingested. LSD can be absorbed through the skin so even touching an item that has the drug can cause effects. The typical trip will last between 6-12 hours but the actual length depends on the amount ingested and the specific form and strength involved. Mood swings that can be dramatic, emotional instability, hallucinations, and other changes make this substance very unsafe. In a number of cases LSD users have committed suicide or harmed others due to the delusions and hallucinations caused by the drug. Flashbacks may bring back the tripping sensation even if the drug has not been used for years. Drug seeking behaviors are not seen with LSD but the physical and psychological damage can be extreme.


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