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What Is Sober Living And Who Needs It?

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What is sober living and who can benefit from this type of living arrangement? Sober living residences are programs that help individuals transition from substance abuse treatment to the outside world more effectively. The objective s to provide a sober living arrangement that supports the individual once they are finished with the treatment program. Going straight from treatment back to the same old neighborhood, friends, and situations that you had in the past can be a recipe for relapse and failure. A sober living residence has a zero tolerance policy, and screening for substance abuse is often required as a condition of living in these residences. This helps the individual in recovery to avoid falling back into bad habits and ensures that they have the support needed to stay on the right path and avoid any pitfalls along the way.




A sober living residence has a clear set of rules and requirements that must be followed, and if these are broken then the individual may be asked to leave the residence. This structure often provides the best environment for those in recovery and the consequences for relapsing are very clear and up front. Many individuals find this stability reassuring, and the rules give them a reason not to backslide. If you leave treatment and go straight home you are more vulnerable to relapse because you are still in the beginning recovery stage. Spending a month or longer transitioning by using a sober living residence can help you get the best possible results, and the peer support and continuing therapy that is usually beneficial.




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