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What Is The Difference Between Cocaine And Crack?

What is the difference between cocaine and crack? Both of these drugs involve cocaine, but they appear in a different form and are consumed in different ways. Crack has a cocaine base but there are other materials in the end product as well, and these are called fillers. Fillers are designed to help a drug maintain the desired shape, and when crack is used these can cause medical complications on top of those caused by cocaine use in a purer form. When the fillers are added to the powdered cocaine and the process is complete the chemical composition of the drug changes and it is easily absorbed into the lungs when smoked.complications of cocaine use, crack

Crack cocaine is smoked but it can not be snorted or injected. The powdered form may be snorted, sprinkled on tobacco or marijuana and then smoked, or mixed with liquid and then injected into the vein with a hypodermic syringe. The consumption of cocaine in any form can cause serious medical problems or even death. An overdose is very possible, and the use of this drug can cause problems with the heart muscles such as enlargement or an inability to contract properly. Injecting any drug can lead to serious bacterial infections and exposure to many dangerous viruses like HIV and Hepatitis, especially when needles are shared between people or the same needle is used repeatedly without thorough cleansing. A big difference between the powder and rock form of cocaine is the price, with crack going for as little as $10-$20 per rock in many inner cities while cocaine seems to be much more expensive on the street.

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