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Which Substance Abuse Treatment Methods Work Best?

substance abuse treatment methods, therapy types for substance abuse

If you or someone you love has a problem with drugs or alcohol then treatment is essential. What treatment methods and program techniques will offer the best results though? There are numerous options to choose from, and each method may have specific benefits and drawbacks that need to be evaluated. Community or government run rehabs are often crowded and understaffed, but the cost for this type of treatment is typically the lowest. Luxury, upscale, Christian, and executive rehabs are normally much more expensive but these treatment options may offer a much larger number of methods and therapy techniques in order to get the best possible recovery and lowest relapse rate. The cost versus benefit should be examined to ensure that the choice made fits both your recovery goals and your budget.


Group therapy is typically offered by every substance abuse treatment center. This therapy involves a group of individuals with various addiction and substance abuse issues. One therapist works with everyone in the group and the peer advice can be extremely beneficial. Individual therapy, also called one on one counseling, costs considerably more because one therapist pairs with one individual. This allows you to work through any invisible wounds and deep seated traumas that contribute to the addiction or substance use. Individual counseling can provide a better recovery but the cost of programs that offer this component can run many thousand dollars a month. A combination of many methods and the inclusion of physical fitness, nutritional counseling, anger management, and stress management are all important for the best results and a permanent recovery.


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