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Who is at Risk for Oxycontin Addiction?

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Oxycontin is becoming one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs across the nation, but who is at risk for developing an Oxycontin addiction? This narcotic pain medication is very powerful and is only prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. A myth frequently believed is that this drug can not be addictive as long as it is being used for medical reasons but this is false. Even taking Oxycontin once or twice can lead to dependence and withdrawal symptoms. The high addiction potential that this medication has is alarming, and more doctors are using extreme care before they give it out to patients who may require this level of pain management. Some groups are especially prone to addiction in any form, and these individuals are very high risk and should only be given Oxycontin as a last resort.


Oxycontin is an opiate derivative and it is usually given in a time released form so it lasts longer. Many believe that this is the prescription drug most often abused in the USA and it is often used by those addicted to heroin when heroin is not available because of the similar effects. Anyone who has ever been addicted to any substance and those who have a genetic predisposition to addiction are considered poor candidates for this drug because the possibility of addiction is so high. Anyone who takes Oxycontin runs the risk of addiction, and those who use the drug for recreational purposes can become addicted with the first dose or two.