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Why is Physical Fitness So Important with Substance Abuse Treatment?

physical fitness options, substance abuse treatment

The best possible treatment for substance abuse involves a number of different elements, and one of these is physical fitness. Why is it so important for you to get physical and work towards improving your fitness level? There are several reasons why almost every addiction treatment program has a physical fitness component. When you work out and sweat you are helping your body remove toxins and residues left behind by drugs and alcohol, and this helps to clean out your body. The detoxification process is sped up and you will start to experience fewer cravings once you are completely clean and substance free. While you still have these substances in your system you may not be able to concentrate and focus on the important issues and you are at a much higher risk of relapsing or leaving the rehab program before you are finished with the treatment regimen.


Getting in shape and working on your physical fitness also has other benefits that are important with substance abuse recovery and addiction treatment. When you engage in physical activities this causes your brain to produce endorphins, which are chemicals that improve your mood and help to fight pain and discomfort. These feel good chemicals are produced naturally in the body, and many physical fitness enthusiasts work out just to obtain this effect, You will feel better after each session and you will be able to think more clearly as a result. Any addiction treatment program that does not include physical fitness components should be eliminated from consideration.




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